Date of birth :

January 27 , 1987

Theater Biography :

Theater was for long time very important in my life. During the primary school, I invented stories which I produced with some of my friends. I am a professional actress until 2008. I was very happy to participate in lot of plays as "L'importance d'être constant" (Oscar Wilde), "Le théâtre ambulant de Chopolovitch" (Lioubomir Simovitch) or "Le Revizor" (Nicolas Gogol). As I am a very curious person, I try to explore all aspects of my job: staging, writing and technics.

Occupation :

Actress, director and author

Musical Influences :

The Smashing Pumpkins

Amy Winehouse

Sex Pistols


Theatrical influences  :

Les Grecs, Racine


Peter Brook.

Citation :

«A theater where one does not laugh is a theater of which one must laugh.»

Bertolt Brecht

Passion :

Cinema and poetry.