Date of birth :

June 20, 1986

Musical Biography :

My debut at 5 years old was as Jazz trumpeter and traditional Swiss music . I quickly changed instruments for my musical battle. During my adolescence, I played in different musical influenced groups : jazz, rock, pagan, black metal, etc. After graduating from school, I learned to play the classical violin , then the flamenco guitar. That led me to form the group "Suenos del Sur" with which I played in for 6 years. " Nostalgic for my time as a drummer, I returned to my instrument of my youth, the drums. That passion ignited the creation of Synmetalium. In 2017, I become programmer in the Manoir Pub in St-Maurice

Occupation :

Physicist, programmer

Musical Influences :

Nightwish, Finntroll, Trollfest, Monarque, Equilibirum

Citation :

« Do or do not, there is no try »

Master Yoda

Passion :

My daughter Khalyssie !

Musical equipment :

TAMA (ImperialStar)

Paiste (Signature, Rude, 2002)

ProMark (PW727W)