Date of birth :

October 11 , 1985

Musical Biography : 

I came from a non-musical family, though I always enjoyed music. From classical to good old good heavy metal, I have a taste for every genre. When I started guitar lessons and I found myself very easy into the guitar and music. It was a pleasure to practice. I played in several 'garage bands' with friends. We played several small private concerts. Later, I got a little angry with being in a group until my encounter with Synmetalium who put me back in the saddle. Now, I'm more motivated with music, than ever.

Occupation :

Computer scientist

Musical Influences :


Black Sabbath

Judas Priest

Favorite quote :

« It is times where one must choose between living their own life fully, or drag the degrading existence, hollow and false that the world, in its hypocrisy, imposes upon us. »

Oscar Wilde

Passion :




Musical setup :

ESP Horizon E2

Schecter Solo 6 limited edition

MesaBoogie Triple Rectifier

Custom pedalboard